Thursday 20 August 2015

Using Stencils - Jacqueline Moore

Hello Lovely Blog Readers!! I hope this post finds you all well!

Today I would like to share with you some of the different ways you can use a stencil to get different looks. I have used the same stencil, multiple times on each of the tags below, to create different effects each time. 

 Some Details:

 Before we start playing with our stencil we need to prepare our Tags. Start by cutting to some white cardstock to the desired size, then punch a hole in the top using a hole punch.  

Then cut some 13 Arts paper to fit the top and distress the edges.

 I have used my Triangles Stencil from the Color Basics Collection.

First up are 2 very simple ways you can create a different look with your stencil, which i am sure many of you will have already tried.
On the Left I have simply placed the stencil over the tag and sprayed with 2 colors of Mist (Pastel Salmon and Raspberry). I have then lifted the stencil and placed it upside on the Tag on the Right. I have then used a tissue (I find that just using my fingers can smudge the design) to press the stencil against the tag, rubbing off the mist onto the paper, and creating a reverse print of the stencil.

Next up is of course using Modelling Paste with a stencil. You can spread the modelling Paste onto a new tag or place the stencil in a new position and apply over a tag you have just sprayed, building the pattern.

I have then sprayed the modelling Paste with my Mist while it was still wet. 

On the tag below I have stenciled the triangles onto the background using a lead pencil. I have moved the stencil around a few times to overlap the pattern. Next I just wiped some excess mist that was still sitting on the stencil onto the tag.

 Here I have spread a very small amount of Gel Medium through the stencil, then while the Gel was still wet sprinkled it with Light Gold Mica Flakes. I have purposely gone for an imperfect look, however you can still see the shape of the triangles in the mica, particularly on the left.

Once the Modelling Paste and Mists were completely dry on the tag below I have once again placed my stencil on it. I have then taken a stamp and black archival ink, and stamped on top of the stencil in a few places.

 These are only a few of my favorite ideas for using the same stencil in different ways. You could mix Gel Medium with Glitter, Grit, even a little Mist to create a glossy water-resistant pattern and spread through your stencil using a palette knife. You could trace the pattern onto your paper using different colors of watercolor pencil then spray with water to let the color soften. 

There is really no limit to what you can do, so pull out your supplies and stencils and see what you can come up with!!!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Wow super travail j'adore tes tags. Je me permet de te parler en français. Sublime pour les yeux comme toujours. TFS

  2. Your tags are stunning! I love seeing different ways to use the same stencil! I've actually never used a text stamp through the stencil but definitely will be now. Love the effect.

  3. Beautiful tags - all. And, thank you for sharing the different stencil processes.