Saturday 15 August 2015

Frames | Terhi Koskinen

Hello 13arts fans!

It's Terhi here today with a thought of how to combine social life (not online!) with crafts and art. The recipe is simple: Show your best creations to your dearest (un-)crafting friends and make them interested about it.

My personal experience tells scrapbooking makes the best conversations, as pretty pages telling a lot of stories are something so unique. After these conversations one of my dearest friends asked me if she could come to see what I do in my studio. She was warmly welcomed! I taught her a private lesson of altering a frame for a photograph, just that she could mess her fingers with gesso, gel medium and paint. She was amazed and were very sure of that she would love to come again. Next time I will give her some beautiful papers to play with.

This frame in the pictures is my sample frame. The color was dark wood before we did a few layers of gesso on it, some alpha stickers underneath it to give some texture and then flowers, wood pieces and sewing thread to make more dimensions.

Purple color is not my favorite, but this frame project taught me purple can be paired with turquoise and look good. Just look at the turquoise glitter on the purple flower, isn't that just beautiful!

So, take some time to show your work to your friends and hopefully they will get an inspiration - crafting with friends is a blast, but crafting with best friends is the best!

Thank you for joining me today!

Terhi xx

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  1. Gorgeous frame. I love the alphabet stickers underneath the gesso.

  2. Gorgeous frame. I love the alphabet stickers underneath the gesso.

  3. Terhi,
    So very, very gorgeous - I love the textures and wonderful colors!