Friday 3 October 2014

Doodles by Magda Polakow

Hello everyone! Have I said how much I like 13arts mists? Of course I use them to spray the colour to my project but also to colour the images using a brush or a sponge. But this is not everything I also apply the colour using the other side of a pipe (which is inside the mists bottles) to draw. 

How the mists colours will blend together depends on paper. Usually smooth papers give more time to blend the colours. The layer of gesso can also help.

Few more tips:
1. Use a waterproof pen - you don't want to smear your image,

2. Build colours gradually - to start with the lightest colours ,

3. Mists are transparent. You can see through the layers of colour,

4. Try brush pen.

5. Try different kinds and colours of mists to find your favourites,
6. Use SPLASH! white ink for white marks.

I used:
- Chalk Mists
- Pearl Mists
- Pastel Mists
- SPLASH! white ink