Sunday 13 September 2020

New Guest Designer - Paulina Kowalewska

Dziś witamy nową Gościnną Projektantkę - Paulinę Kowalewską. Już dawno dostrzegliśmy jej piękne, szczegółowe albumy i journale na instagramie. Teraz możemy i Wam przybliżyć jej twórczość. 

Today we welcome a new Guest Designer - Paulina Kowalewska. We have noticed her beautiful, detailed albums and journals on Instagram a long time ago. Now we can introduce you to her work.

I am Paulina, I have been playing paper music for 3 years - consciously. I love to compose journals with album elements - this is my favorite form of expression; in the second place albums :) The paper is magical and only imagination limits us. For over a year, he has been experimenting with the preparation of paper for memoirs and journals by cooking, baking, drying, giving them different patterns when working with plants during cooking. Each copy created is unique. 

I publish my work on my 
and recently Pinterest

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Here is my first inspiration: a travel journal was created from the "travel the world" collection and accessories dedicated to it.
A travel book with a transparent cover made of printed foil.
Interior made of pre-cooked paper with the addition of flowers and watercolor powder paints in various colors and shades.
The whole is delicately decorated with embossed stamps and handmade decorations.


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