Tuesday 23 June 2020

It was a wonderful day


I captured the memory of a beautiful day in my inspiration today. 
You can get a ready made base, but I decided to make my own this time. 
The best is to combine our red accessories with some of these wonderful poppies from the Unforgettable collection. 
I used the back of the base as well so  we can place more photos in there. This is where the comments will be displayed too.

Thank you for checking on my creation.

I'm wishing you wonderful (lovely) days just like this one.

Products what i used:

Paper Wreath of memories - Unforgettable
Paper A day to remember- Unforgettalbe
Paper Poppy fields- Unforgettable
Timeless Paper - Unforgettable
Mask - Stencil Unforgettable memories
Watercolor set 16 pans

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