Wednesday 17 July 2019

Like the Stars

For the first sight they look like the stars at the sky: similar and shiny.
But if we get a nearer view of them, it turns out promitly that all of them have an own shine.

They have this glow in common like the body wich was worn by Botond in 2011, 
by Márton in 2013, by Csanád in 2016 and by Boglárka in 2018.

This wunderful new collection, Under the Stars help to highlight the Shine of this unforgetable Memories.

The basic is white cardboard. At the first step I used clear gesso with mica flakes, stencils and stamps. Under the photos I painted the background with watercolor. I built the layers with ephermeras, chipboards and cutted flowers. Finally some stickers, little mica flakes and splash ink.

Products what i used:

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