Friday 2 October 2020

Mixed media notebook "Bella" / Shkarpet Alena

 Hello! Shkarpet Alena with you. 

Today I want to inspire you with the creation of work with paints, sprays. This is amazing material that gives you the freedom to express your feelings and ideas.

With the help of our sprays, pastes and masks, I have created this awesome notebook that I never want to let go of.

The back of the notebook is also decorated

The inside of the notebook was supplemented with colorful dividers. I used over 10 of our stamps and sprays to create them. 

I used our favorite reagent to create rusty accents

The texture was created using a stencil and homemade paste, painted with Color Glow.

I used:
         Stencil Australia      Stencil Frozen            Stencil Vintage door     Stencil Windows in Venice

         Stempel A6 Remember             Stempel A6 The cage                     Stempel A6 Travel map
         Stempel A6 Victoriana              Stempel A7 Around the globe       Stempel A7 Baroque
         Stempel A7 SUNRISE              Stempel A7 Vintage letter             Stempel A7 Wreath
         Stempel Hello ladies A6           Stempel Blueprint A6                    Stempel Simplicity A6

         Patina Bronze                            Chalk Woodbine                            Chalk-Dark-Brown
         Chalk-Blue-Light                      Chalk-Burnt-Sienna                       Chalk-Celadon
         Chalk-Lilac                               Chalk-Turqoise-Light                     Chalk-Yellow-Amber
         Pastel-Lavender                        Pastel-Lime                                     Pastel-Yellow
                 Rust Effect Powder                                                 Odczynnik do efektu rdzy          
                 COLOR GLOW Andalusite                                   COLOR GLOW Tiger Eye     
                 MULTIPURPOSE MEDIUM 500ml                     grunt akrylowy 500 ml

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