Monday 18 August 2014

The keys of the heart are precious, says Melenia

Hello, hello!

I hope you all are having a beautiful summer, vacations and lots of sun 
(ok, at least the people who live in the Northern Hemisphere lol)!
Today I would like to share a mixed-media page I created with all the amazing Ayeeda media!
It is a really messy page, you'll see.

First I want to say that I couldn't believe how my background paper All is love - Pink Paradise withstood the amounts of fluids I applied on it and stayed intact! But it did! So take this advice from me, don't be afraid to use the 13 Arts papers as your backgrounds, because they really can pass the test with flying colours!!  It's just amazing.

Now on to my page, which is full of glitter, modelling paste, gesso, glass fillers and silver microspheres!

some details here

13 Products used


  1. It's really beautiful. I love the colors and the whole floral composition :-)

  2. woooooowwww
    awesome !!!! Love it

  3. beautiful!!! I think I need some beads ;-) <3