Tuesday 5 August 2014

Dream by Magda Polakow

Today I would like to show you a technique for a very simple background but also very effective. 
As always I only used a few products, my favourite ones...

You will need a piece of paper or cardboard ( sorry for the advert but I need to say that the books envelopes are heavy weight and great for mixed media projects ) and tissue paper.

 Stick tissue paper to the background. Acrylic Gel Medium is great for glueing tissue paper. 

Apply thin layer of black gesso to the background. Leave it to dry.

Shake properly your Pastel Mists. Spray some of them to the background. Pastel Mists are visible on the dark background. You can leave the background like that but I prefer to add one more product. 

I apply a white paint using my finger. The texture from the tissue paper appears.
You can apply Ayeeda Pearl Silver Paint instead of white. The Pearl Silver Paint is fab to this kind of projects. 

It's one of my favourite techniques I hope you like it too. It's really easy!

I used:
Ayeeda Black Gesso
Ayeeda Gesso