Tuesday 19 August 2014

How to decorate metal and resin elements - tutorial by Kasia Bogatko

Today I have a little tutorial for you. I want to show you, how I decorate metal and resin elements to my projects.

1. cover the elements with gesso (add to it a little bit of water)
2. paint with chosen color (I love gold!)
3. add you favorite colors (mine - metallic blue and pink).
I do it mostly with my fingers. That gives a natural and smooth effect.

Now you can add some embossing powders. Look at the result with distress embossing powder and gesso - it looks realy like a rust.

Resin elements don't need a gesso, you can mists them with 2-3 colors (heat after each color).
I used a pearl gold, pearl pink and chalk blue light mist. To highlight the details use paint or embossing powder.

Thank You!


  1. Świetne pomysły na dekoracje :D

  2. Ależ piękne! Dzięki za kurs :)

  3. Świetne! dziękuję za kurs:)


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