Sunday 24 August 2014

Tanya Palamarchuk - our new GD and her beautiful layout

Nadszedł czas by poznać naszą trzecią Gościnną projektantkę- Tanyę Palamarchuk, utalentowaną artystkę z Ukrainy. Oto co Tanya powiedziała nam o sobie.
It's time to meet our third GD- Tanya Palamarchuk, a talented artist from Ukraine. Here's what Tanya told us about herself:
My name is Tanya Palamarchuk. I live in Ukraine. Recent events in our country led to overestimate the important moments of life. I have 2 children and they are  all my life, I adore them! I love my husband and all my time I spend with my family.
Last 3 year I also love scrapbooking! Bright colors, paints, interesting technics attracted me and call in other world, world of art)
I wish you peace and kindnessю 
A oto jej piękna praca:
And here's her beautiful artwork:
My LO about my love to freedom. Sea and wind, fly of butterfly, all this things associated with freedom.
 I used fantastic paper with wood print and many cuted elements. 
I love Gesso. This one is thick and white. I played with paints and had fantastic results. 
Material list:
Naklejki / Stickers "Fly away" 
Papier "Days and nights" 
Tusz akrylowy SPLASH!
Tusz akrylowy SPLASH! 
Mgiełka pastelowa - Pastel Black 
Mgiełka pastelowa - Pastel Turquoise 
Gesso - grunt akrylowy 
Ayeeda Paint - Matte Sand 
Ayeeda Paint - Matte Mint 
Dziękujemy Tanyi za jej piękny projekt! 
Thank you Tanya for your beautiful project!