Tuesday 3 March 2020

Watercolors on the go by Agnieszka Bellaidea

Hi! it's Agnieszka Bellaidea today with ...hmm some colorful projects.
You may not like them so much, I still   have a long way to learn ...
The joy I had playing with our watercolors it's priceless!

Couple years ago I had a nice walk in New York and came accross this sign.
I was thinking about when splashing and mixing colors all weekend long.
Let's not forget why we all have this hobby; scrapbooking, painting, altering.
It's for fun, it's for pleasure

While it's nor easy to travel with even 5% of our stuff  from scrap room taking small box of watercolors and couple of brushes for any vacation sounds just so easy. Small or huge luggage? You can take it anyway.

So I spent last weekend taking care of my inner child :) and believe me, it was a great weekend!

Just get a set /now we have a big one but any moment you can expect two mini sets in our shop ! / couple of brushes, good paper and have some Fun! 

You can start from some simple design on cards.

13arts products:

Watercolor paper A6 200g 100 szt.

Thank you for looking! I hope you will enjoy playing with watercolors soon!


  1. These are awesome! I love them all!

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