Wednesday 11 March 2020

Mixed-media guitar by Yulya Chorna

Hello everyone!
This is my first work for 13@rts as a member of the design team, and I am very excited and happy to be here. For my first post, I`ve created an altered violin where I used "Victoriana" and "Rosalie" collections.

I always start alter scrap by applying  Gesso (at this time it is black gesso) thanks to that I have the certainty that the media I use won't smudge and the chipboard (or any base) won't get soaked or destroyed. I have to admit that I fell in love with how creamy 13@rts gesso is!
Then I applied Multipurpose medium with an Ornament stencil on my violin and scattered with gold embossing powder.
After that, I started to decorate my project using metallic gears, cut some elements from Dear diary paper - Rosalie  and  Steampunk queen paper - Victoriana

Also I'd like to mention that I just can't imagine all my works without embellishments and toppings such as microspheres, glitter, stones atc.

For this project I used:

Gesso black
 Colored Grit Gray Light
Watercolor brush round 8 mm

Thank you for stopping by!
And have a nice day ;)


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