Thursday 18 October 2018

When You Find Your Thing

Hello my 13Arts friends. Fiona here with you today sharing a wall hanging I have created using my new collection "Conversations on Trains". 

This idea came to me when I saw my designs come to life. They arrived on my door step and when I opened them up I had the inspiration to showcase all my favourite elements on a wall hanging design.

I sewed bits of left over fabric together making lots of different sized squares and rectangles to use as my substrates (platform/base) for each favourite element.

Then I went ahead and added my collection bit by bit onto each piece until I had filled every fabric scrap.

I added some colour to some of them where needed using the 13Arts watercolour paints. They are such good quality that they adhere to the fabric perfectly.

I also smeared some gesso around some of the pieces to help them blend and balance into each other.

I added lots of collected bits and pieces too like old spoons, nuts and washers, beads, lace and old doilies. All these elements fitted perfectly with the old world charm of the papers.

I featured some hand stitching also on some of the patches and some machine stitching in red to highlight certain areas. I love how contrasting the red stitching looks.

I am so happy with how this piece turned out. Now all I have to do is work out how to hang it as a whole piece on the wall.

I don't want to detract from the features by adding any further elements so I think I might just press them gently between two pieces of perspex to make a see through frame.

I'll let you know how it goes.

On one of the pieces I have added a special message to myself and the viewer. "When you find your thing and it just works for you your world explodes in a good way"
This is a reminder to me to stick to my thing .... I love making fabric art combined with paper, it works for me and so I do believe I've found my "thing".

13@rts products used:

 Thank you for popping in and checking out my latest creation. I'll see you all again very soon xx