Saturday 30 December 2017

Final project from Natasha ZevaseNa

Grudzień to ostatni miesiąc z naszymi Gościnnymi Projektantkami. Oto kilka pięknych ozdób, które  Natasha wykonała jako swój finałowy projekt. 

December is the last month with our Guest Designers. Here are some beautiful ornaments made by  Natasha as her final project!

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Hello everyone from Natasha ZevaseNa!
Here's my last post for 13arts!
The time goes so fast!
I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to be a small part of your team!
And thank's for all the materials, it was a pleasure working with them!!
I wish you good luck and further prosperity!!

And because my last post turns out at New Year's Eve, I wanted to make something that you can't go celebrate New Year without - of course it's New Year's toys)

The basis of the toys is scrapbooking paper, 12x12 inch. "Strength in numbers" collection.
With Thick, quick drying acrylic primer, white, I made "snow". I've also added Water based, acrylic ink, and snowflakes turned out.

Added Ayeeda Powder 3D - silver, tiny microspheres and for the flickering and glitters I've added Ayeeda Powder 3D.
And of course I've made some sketches)

Friends! Happy New Year!!
I wish you warmth, joy, unlimited amount of happiness and a lot of good moments in a New Year!
Till we meet again!

Products used:

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