Thursday 29 September 2016

Workshop with 13arts in Madrit

Hello everybody! I'm so excited to share with you that I was invited to teach a workshop in Madrid Spain during a fabulous event called Zumo Creativo hosted by Lola Barbosa!
I'd like to thank you all for joining in my workshop. The weekend was full of crafting, new friends and fun! 
It was so nice to meet you all!

During the workshop we made an art journal spread, full of textures and colors, filled with amazing products by 13arts!
My project was in Mixed-Media and Vintage style including techniques based on gesso, modeling paste, stencils and purple colors to get beautiful, dramatic dark look.
I showed many awesome ways to create textures.
Of course, all products of 13arts!

Art journaling is play, exploration and experimentation wrapped into one.
Art Journal is for soul expression!

On Friday I prepared 13arts kits for workshop participants.
Was a lot of work.

During the Sunday workshop.

Everyone worked hard.

We had the most talented and nice students.

My wonderful class :)

So many gorgeous projects from this class!

With Zumo teachers.

We were working hard and had fun too:)

Thank you all!

Especialy Lola Barbosa, Aida Domisiewicz, Silvia Santoyo, Vicky Trabas
and my amazing students!!!!!

That was a fantastic fun-filled weekend :)
I had a really great time.

Goodbye Madrid!

Anna Rogalska

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