Friday 16 September 2016

Abstract Art Journal Page | Fiona Paltridge

Hello my beautiful 13@rts peeps. Fiona here with you today to share an abstract art journal page I have created using the 13@rts paints and other mediums.

I have a square Dylusions journal that I just love. The pages are so smooth and creamy and so I love to just paint in it as if it was a canvas.

I incorporated some of the "Out of the Blue" 6x6 papers to the design and also a couple of the setencils/masks.

All of the marks I made were with 13@rts paints or SPLASH! Ink except for the writing which I used a black marker or Stabilo pencil to do.

I love the color combination of the blues, pink, turquoise and yellow all together with ascents of black and white. Even though it's very busy, the eye can still be drawn to certain areas.

I didn't use a paint brush very much with this composition. It was mostly applied with either my fingers or the dropper from the SPLASH! Ink bottles.

I love the acrylic raised finish that the SPLASH! Ink has. It makes a contrast to the matte paints I used to add most of the color.

I just played until I thought it had enough on it. Each time I added a new element the composition deepened. This is what I love the most about abstract. You think you've reached the end and then you add a little bit more and the story starts all over again.

I always like to trial small projects in my art journal before applying them to a large canvas to see if one they work and two I like the effect. I will definitely be taking this further onto a large canvas .... I love how it came out.

The little paints go such a long way. They are so highly pigmented and have a really lovely matte finish. I might need a few more if I'm going to make this a bigger project!

13@rts products used include:

Thank you for taking the time to check out my creation xx


  1. Gorgeous! I love your colors, too.

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