Sunday 19 June 2016

Yuliana Vishnevetskaja - our new Guest Desinger

Witajcie! Czas przedstawić naszą nową, utalentowaną Gościnną Projektantkę  - Yulianę Vishnevetskaję. Yuliana przygotwała piękny layout inspirowany naszym najnowszym wyzwaniem- Vivid Vintage! 

Hello! It's time to introduce our new talented Guest Designer - Yuliana Vishnevetskaja . Yuliana made a beautiful layoud inspired by our newest Challenge- Vivid Vintage! 


Yuliana Vishnevetskaja

My name is Yuliana Vishnevetskaja, I live in Vinnitsa, Ukraine with my two children, husband and dog. I am a scrapbooker since 6 years. I tried myself in many styles and continue to discover something new for myself in the work. In my projects, I use different techniques and use various materials, I try to make my work was interesting and unique.


My layout about my grandpa and grandma, this photo was made in spring of 1964.... so long ago.

They are very close to me and I wanted to put his warmth and tenderness to them. The challenge Vivid vintage is ideal for the realization of my ideas.

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Dziękujemy Yuliano za Twój piękny projekt!
Thank you Yuliana for your beautiful project! 


  1. GORGEOUS layout! Congrats on being a featured guest!

  2. Your page is so very beautiful with wonderful textures and layers - and a wonderful photo!