Monday 29 June 2015

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with Jelissa

Hello 13@rts friends! How are you this lovely Monday?

I have a special layout to share with you today, created with lots of fabulous products from the 13@rts store. 

This is a photo of the Milky Way which I shot while on holiday. Unfortunately it wasn't very well taken as I had all of 10 min to myself and it was freezing cold. Nevertheless, seeing it with my own eyes was one of the most breathtaking experience and I was glad to have shared it with my husband and children. It also was not a very easy photo to scrap because I wanted to re-create the feeling of a serene night sky and my usual style of flowers and layers definitely do not cut it here. So it was gathering inspiration from different ones and I must give credit to team mate Natalya Loi for the distinctive amazing way she works on her backgrounds!

More on the close-ups:

Lots of textural details here. I first dabbed black gesso with a sponge on the areas I wanted to work with, followed by dabbing on silver glitter paint. It gives a very beautiful effect of stars scattered across the night sky. I further emphasized the theme with the star stencil designed by Olga - using a mix of Metallic Old Silver paint with Magic powder to create a very fluid paste.

For the texture, I used microspheres in both plastic and silver versions, followed by some distress glitter and glass glitter from my own stash for an even more obvious sparkly effect. This was finished with some string - the Milky Way and our whole universe is held together by invisible strings known as gravity and I wanted to sneak the nerdy part of me into my art. I then patted on more black gesso with a palette knife for more foamy texture.

My title chipboards came from Olga's designs and it was simple silver glitter paint on top of black gesso. Under all the texture I had also used white matt paint on my script stamp and used it randomly over the page - just for contrast. I finally finished up the page with some stickles, dew drops, little wooden stars and splatters with Splash! acrylic ink.

And that's all I have for today. Hope you like this layout!


  1. Jelissa,
    Your layout is totally gorgeous and gives such a feel of the night sky!

  2. Stunning effect Jelissa I love it :) !!!!!!