Monday 15 December 2014

Gel Medium vs Liquid Acrylic Medium by Magda Polakow

Hi everyone!
I love experimenting with products. This time I used Gel Medium and Liquid Acrylic Medium in the same ways. Because this mediums are completely different, I didn't achieved the same effects.

First I applied both mediums on paper. I used brush and did it only in a few places. 
After drying time I almost couldn't see any changes on a paper with Liquid Acrylic Medium. The paper was a little glossy but that's it, paper remain soft in touch.
On the other hand paper with Gel Medium was glossy and I felt a layer of gel medium when touched it.

I wanted to see how both mediums would react with mists. I sprayed Pearl Mist in three colours and dried the paper using a heat gun.

The next step...a thick layer of mediums - Liquid Acrylic Medium (left) and Gel Medium (right).

I sprayed Pastel Black on both mediums - they were still wet.
On a layer of Liquid Acrylic Medium (left) the mist was moving (more about this technique you can read here). When used a heat gun, spots appeared and I could see what was under the layer of Liquid Acrylic Medium.
The mist on a layer of Gel Medium stayed in one place but what was interesting - heated with gun cracks appeared.

And here is one more reason why I like Liquid Acrylic Medium so much...

I wrote about Liquid Acrylic Medium before. Two posts full of ideas you can find here and here.

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