Monday 15 September 2014

Imagination by Magda Polakow

I'm sure all of you have heard about image transfer and most of you have tried this great technique. 
However for some of you who have never tried it I really recommend 13arts mediums for this kind of projects.

You can make image transfer using gel medium, white gesso and more. I even tried to use black gesso!

Let me show you a few easy steps. 
You will find a lot of different techniques for image transfer but this one works well for me and my mixed media projects.

1. Apply the medium to a background

2. Stick a piece of paper with the image (which you want to transfer - remember that you will get mirror image) to the background. If you want to have a nice image transfer make sure that you haven't got air bubbles between paper and transferred image. Let the medium dry.

3. Wet glued paper using damp cloth or sponge.

4. Gently rub the paper off the background.

Gel medium image transfer

Black gesso image transfer

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