Friday 5 September 2014

Autumn card and a few Magda Polakow

Hello everyone!
Today I would like to show you my card...yes, this project is different than usual. I'm not a happy card maker. I finished my card making journey a few years ago and since then I made only a few cards. Unfortunately sometimes I need to make a card and this is that day.

I mixed a lot of colours on my card. Mixed before applying to the card. Yes! You can mix 13arts mists in bottles. Sometimes I need a few shades of one colour, in that case I mix a mist with water or another mist colour. Mixing two or more colours of mists can give really great results.

I will show you only a few shadows which I used on my card.

Here I mixed Pearl Gold with Chalk Dark Brown.

This time I mixed Pastel Yellow with Pearl Brown.

Here I mixed three colours Chalk White with Pearl Silver and Chalk Yellow Amber.

I mix chalk, pearls and pastels mists together. There is no rules! Ok, maybe one...start mixing from the lightest mist and then add the darker one. That way you can make only small amounts of other colours. 
Of course you can't expect that every time you will achieve a beautiful colour but if you never try you will never know. 

I used:
Gel Medium
Liquid Acrylic Medium
Splash! Multipurpose Ink
Chalk Mists: Dark Brown, White, Yellow Amber
Pearl Mists: Silver, Brown, Gold
Pastel Mist: Yellow
Glass Filler
Gałązki białe