Sunday 17 November 2013

Woman - layout by our Guest Designer Ana Paula Leal from Brasil

Dzisiaj pierwsza praca naszej kolejnej fantastycznej Gościnnej Projektantki. Ana Paula Leal z Brazylii zachwyca niezwykłymi pracami, a nas będzie inspirować przez 3 miesiące. Dziś niesamowity i niezwykle oryginalny LO, w pięknych kolorach.

Today it's time to present you our next fabulous Guest Designer Ana Paula Leal from Brasil. She is amazingly talented designer and she is joining us for 3 months to inspire us with her work.  Today she shows us amazingly beautiful, unique and colorful layout.

Poznajmy ją bliżej:
Let's meet Ana Paula closer:

My name is Ana Paula Leal and I was born in 1970 and grew up in Santa Catarina, a state in South of Brazil. I’m an architect, but recently I decided to dedicate my time to scrapbooking, teaching and giving workshops all over Brazil, I write for magazines, take part in forums and Design Teams and I also help developing materials for this area. It means that nowadays my profession, Architecture, is in second place.
I’m married and live in Itajai, the city I was born in, with my husband, Adriano, our children Gabriel, 17 years old and Luiza, 14 years old, two poodles and two cats we recently adopted.
My family, our trips, our everyday life, our pets, our victories and happiness are always my source of inspiration and I register everything in my works.
I’m a very eclectic person that is I like to mixture different styles, improvise and put several types of expressions in my projects. I like better romantic works with Vintage touch, but I don’t like to label myself only in a way, I always prefer to try new things.
As I love to use inks in different ways, there is always an artistic touch in my projects, you’ll also find a stroke with a brush or mists in any detail. It’s impossible to work without becoming dirty or destroy my fresh manicured nails. LOL.
Well, thank you very much for such a great opportunity.
It’s good to know that in this globalized work we can communicate through a universal language: Art.


I am Ana Paula from Brazil and this is my first project as GD 13@rts. 
I am very happy to show a little bit of what I do for you all and work with the amazing products from 13@rts. This layout was made to highlight the large picture that I printed an a transparency film 
and affixed in the paper " Hair in the wind" by 13@rts
More layers were made using the papers:
"Big love" and " Only for girls" on the right side of the layout. 


 Over the papers I created a  textured work using :
AYEEDA MEDIUM-ACRYLIC MODELING PASTE from  13@RTS applying it with a mask and using spatula. I let it dry well creating a beautiful bouquet with the lovely  Paper flowers by 13@arts.

I adhered Glass microbeads next to the flowers and the effect is amazing!

To finish I applied some colors of  Ayeeda mists: pearl pink, pearl turquoise light and chalk yellow amber 
 creating a colorful and fun effect!

Hope you like it as much as I liked to create this project!