Monday, 27 January 2020

my works at Creativeworld for 13arts by Sandra

HI I have 3 layouts for you.
 Layouts I created for creativeworld at Frankfurt.

let me show you one by one...

first one is about 13arts january is my favorite color, so I love this layout...

The second one is made with Under the stars collection. Love to lay with that collection so versatile. This time a put an old touch with rusty powder. I also use some die cuts from the collection which are so easy and fn to use....

And the last one is made with Summer Rhapsody collection. I don't use enough punk on my work, so here I play with some tones of that the quiet and romantic touch...

let's see:

hope you liked it and hope those who see my works in Creativeworld, are appreciated.

have fun and see you soon
san xx


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