Tuesday 1 March 2016

How much I love SPLASH! Inks! - Alberto

Goodmorning everyone!

it's me, Alberto and finally i have something to show you! I'm sorry I have missed two inspiration posts but I was super busy teaching classes and showing how amazing are all the 13arts products!

But here we go, with a new creation for you! It's a simple tag...and yes I HAD to use some 13arts products on it!

I have to tell you a little secret...the product I like the most of 13arts beautiful range of products is the SPLASH! You know why? Because it's kind of 3D splatters that are so very different from the usual splatter we make with mists or any other products. UNIQUE EFFECT, try to believe!

anyway, here is a photo of the project!

Okay, you can notice that I have used a LOT of black splash....to be honest I use a LOT of it in every single piece I make because I LOVE it!

I have also used 13arts white gesso, a bunch of different mists to color the ribbons and the roses!
...and of course the beautiful 13arts stencils which I really really love!
... a little detail ...

and here is the products list:

I hope you liked my tag!
heart you soon with more 13arts posts!