Monday 18 January 2016

Key of my heart!

Hello everyone! Alberto's here!!

 How is going? hope everything is going you probably has noticed we're soon on S. Valentine's day and we have to make something special for this occasion! 
are you ready?

i think mixed media is the perfect technique for alter an object and give it as a present so this year i thought that i had to alter a little wooden heart and make it in "steampunk/mixedmedia" style.

Here it is 

I used a bicycle piece that looks like a gear and a broken key that actually is my home's key.
Some metal embellishments such the crown, the bird and the leaves and here it is!

here is the list of product used:

 ...another little detail of the heart:

What you think about? hope you will like my creation and don't forget to pop over my blog to have more inspirations!

Thank you for looking,