Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Different canvases by Alberto

Hello everyone, it's Alberto here with a new inspirational post for you today.

Everyone loves cavases, isn't? well, at least I LOVE CANVASES and so in these latest time i've made a lot of them in different ways and styles.

So today, i'll show you two canvases i made very different in theme, style and tecnique

The first one is the one i love most, not only because of the soft and pale colors (which i really love) but also because it was a gift i have made for my brother's girlfriend... she is a new member to our family and i decided to make her a special christmas gift this year.

here it is:

unfortunatly i just have one photo of it and i don't have made any photos of the details because i was very very late and i needed to pack the presents.

On the photo you can see my brother and his girlfriend...aren't they cute? i loved this photo and was very inspired to make the canvas.
The part i like most about it is probably the heavy contrast between the photo with a lot of black and the colors of the canvas (pale pink and white) (...and yes, i really love gesso, LOL)

I use a lot of 13arts products and a LOT of flowers and embellishments.

here you can find a list:

and then i want to show you the other canvas which is so very different from this because it is quite dark and inspired by steampunk (if you don't know what's steampunk is i would love if you check this on google on pinterest and for sure you'll fell in love!)

as you see i made a lot of layers with different embellishments directly on the canvas, without papers or anything. then i used my new addiction product...black gesso! i absolutely fell in love with this product, is very usable and you make such an amazing effect of deep shadows...absolutely addicting!

and then i played with a lot of metallic paints which are very very great with bright colors and this metallic effect is very realistic, i loved!

of this canvas i have two photos and you can see more details of the different layers!

and here is my second product list of today!

so what you think about it? you liked my different canvases?
I really hope so, can't wait to read your comments!


  1. They're beautiful, especially the first - it's amazing!

  2. They are really lovely. I like the 2nd one.

  3. Both of your canvases are gorgeous, Alberto - both very different - and both wonderful.

  4. Both are stunning, in different styles. I love both!