Monday 19 October 2015

Pumpkin by Ingrid

Hi there 13arts friends!
Ingrid here today with a home decor piece, an altered pumpkin.
Found a bright orange plastic one and it had to be altered.
Took me quite some gesso but now it's more an Ingrid piece, don't you think?! :)

Started this project by covering the pumpkin with kitchen paper towel and a lot of gesso.
Added all the buttons and gears.
Mixed some glass filler and gesso and randomly applied it to the project.
Now it was time to add all the paints.
For the light green color I mixed the matte lime with the matte pistachio.
For the next step I sprayed the big 13arts paper flowers with the orange paint.
Glued all the other embellishments, a light touch of gesso and it's done!

Here is the original pumpkin.

The mix of gesso with the glass filler gives a great texture!

For these paper flowers I randomly applied some gesso before the paints.
Once dry, I again applied some more gesso to get this look.
This way it's easier to get and keep the whiteness of the gesso.

Some 13arts twigs with a touch of gesso.

Lovely textures.

Some cherry blossom flowers.

13arts products used:

Enjoy your day!
Ingrid xxx


  1. AMAZING!!! This is soooo gorgeous Ingrid (like EVERYTHING else you touch) very beautifully done. Love the flowers!

  2. Oh my goodness, Ingrid is always full of surprises. I adore what's she has done to bring out the beauty. Thanks for the inspiration Ingrid!

  3. Ingrid,
    So very gorgeous! I love all the buttons and metal pieces and the flowers are beautiful and arranged perfectly. The pretty colors look awesome on your piece!!