Saturday 30 May 2015

Television by Ingrid

Today I want to share this fun project with you.
I found this photo frame on sale and by adding an antenna it became a television! :)
With a photo of my two daughters, this must be my favorite channel for sure!

The inside is a piece of the All is Love papers.
The outside was created by glueing some kitchen paper towel.
I used the 13arts acrylic gel medium for this.
Placed all the gears and buttons.
This all got a firm coat of gesso.
Once dry, I added all the paints.
Some old jeans buttons became the control buttons and 
some metal wire were turned and twisted into an antenna.

The flowers were colored with the same paints.
Love to color my flowers in matching colors!
Except the lace flower, all the other flowers can be found in the store as well.

A piece of the decorative ribbon jets. 
Perfect for adding extra texture.

A metal piece from Scrapberry's.

Some gear chipboard, mini buttons and colored flowers.

And of course some 13arts twigs!

13arts products used:
decorative ribbon jets 

Enjoy your day! 
Ingrid xxx

1 comment:

  1. Ingrid,
    Oh my gosh, you made a most gorgeous project framing your beautiful daughters. I love that you turned it into a television and it is adorned with wonderful colors and flowers!