Friday 13 March 2015

Building Layers - A Canvas Tutorial by Jacqueline Moore

Hello all you awesome 13 Arts Fans!! I hope you are all having a good week? Today I have another canvas to share with you..... Yes, another one! I am just a tiny bit obsessed with them lately!! Of course I have also put together another tutorial for you.


Some close-ups:

Do you ever have an idea for a mixed-media canvas or layout that you just have to make, but no matter how hard you try to bring it to life, it never seems to work? Even if it is just something as simple as a mix of colors?

Sometimes to create what you want and get it right you not only need to build your media, but sometimes take it away too, until you are finally left with what you aimed for. My tutorial today takes you through how I put this canvas together, adding and taking away, with some steps seeming pointless, until I achieved the look I was after.

Step 1: Taking my 8x8 canvas panel I began spreading layers of modeling paste with my palette knife, using the knife to play with the paste on the canvas to create interesting textures. I wanted it to be very bumpy and dimensional. I waited until the first layer of modelling paste was dry then added a second layer creating even more texture. While the paste was still wet I have sprinkled micro-spheres randomly over the background. 
Because the modelling paste is so thick I have let it dry naturally as using a heat gun can cause the paste to bubble up, affecting the texture you have worked to create.

Step 2 and 3: Next I have taken 13 Arts paints in Matte Mint, Matte Pistachio, Matte Pea and Matte Green. Starting with the lightest I have painted a vertical stripe down either side of the canvas, just off the edge. Then working my way towards the middle of the canvas I have continued to paint using a darker shade each time until I ended with a single strip of Matte Green in the middle. Next I took some Matte Turquoise and painted the middle of the canvas horizontally. I sprayed the canvas with water and tilted it first one way, then the other to get some drips going up and down.

Step 4 and 5: I decided that I wasn't quite happy with the lighter greens on the edge, or the middle, so I have sprayed the canvas with water then used a wet paintbrush to brush some of the color off, dabbing up excess water and color with kitchen towel. I have then proceeded to add color again, Matte Pea, Matte Turquoise, and a tiny bit of Matte Mint around the edges, blending it in.

Step 6 and 7:  I have made a custom paste using 13 Arts Gel Medium, Chalk Blue Light and Chalk Sap Green Mists, and fine green glitter, then spread it through a mask onto my background, wiping some excess off around the edges. I decided it still needed more color so I have sprayed some more of the Chalk Sap Green Mist directly onto the background, and added some more Matte Turquoise paint, using a brush and water to blend in. I have then rubbed gesso all over the background, using my finger instead of a brush so that it caught onto all the raised textures only. I also decided I didn't like the swipes of custom paste around the edge, so I have rubbed gesso into everything, all the way around the edge, covering and lightening.

Step 8 and 9: I have painted squares onto the background using the Color Basics Squares Mask and Vivid Violet paint. Because of the texture the mask does not sit flat so I was unable to use a stenciling brush (the color would have seeped under the edges). I have instead used a small paintbrush to draw the squares, then filled them with color. I have mixed a little Vivid Violet paint with water and added some splatter on the background. I have also added some Triangles using the Color Basics Triangle Stencil and Modelling Paste. I had the same issue with the mask not sitting flat, so some of the paste did seep under the edges of the stencil which I neatened up using a pin. I have cut a strip of 13 Arts paper from the All Is Love Collection and glued it across the middle of the canvas adding more Triangles on top.

Step 10 and 11: Add some Splatters of Black Ink and watered down Pearl Gold Paint. I have cut some paper's from different collections, distressing the edges and adding foam tape between each layer.

Step 12 and 13: To make your arrow take a skewer and 2 purple feathers, using twine and cotton to attach them to one end of the skewer. Cut a feather shape from some 13 arts paper and a triangle for your arrow from the same piece. Glue the paper feather on top of your purple feathers, and add glue to the ends of all three then dip in Chunky Gold Glitter. Add a flower to hide the join between feathers and twine. Glue your triangle to the other end of the skewer.

Step 14 and 15: First a chipboard frame with with gesso then brush with Gold Glitter paint. Then paint 2 chipboard butterflies, beginning with Vivid Violet in the center of each wing and Matte Lavender on the edges, blending the 2 together with a wet brush. Use the white and Silver Glitter to paint the center and add detailing on each wing.

Step 16 and 17: Glue a torn square of calico to the center of your papers, then add a straw and twine circle on top, finishing off with metallic turquoise thread.

Step 18 and 19: Begin building your composition. I have added a Black and White Chipboard Frame to the center of the canvas, placed on top of the twine circle, then proceed to add my chipboard on the lower left corner with the arrow crossing over the top on the opposite angle of the straw. I have then added in my flowers working on a diagonal across the frame. I have also added a resin piece in the top left corner.

Step 20: Next add your butterflies and the 'Love' Brad. Finish off the canvas by brushing all the flowers with gesso and Gold Glitter Paint. I have added a touch of the Gold Glitter Paint to the feathers also.

That is all I have for you today, but I hope you have enjoyed.

See you again soon!!

13 Arts products used:
Ayeeda Paint - Matte Pistachio;  Ayeeda Paint - Matte Pea;
Ayeeda Paint - Matte Mint;  Ayeeda Paint - Matte Green;
Ayeeda Paint - Matte Turquoise;  Ayeeda Paint - Vivid Violet;
Ayeeda Paint - Matte Lavender;  Ayeeda Paint - Pearl Gold;
Ayeeda Paint - Gold Glitter;  Ayeeda Paint - White and Silver Glitter;
Ayeeda Mist - Chalk Blue Light;  Ayeeda Mist - Chalk Sap Green;
Color Basics Mask - Squares;  Color Basics Mask - Triangles;
Ayeeda Water-Based Ink - Black (Graphite);
Paper - Color Basics;  Paper - Timeless;  Paper - All Is Love