Thursday 23 January 2014

Layout in grey and tutorial by Dorota Dołęga

Hello 13arts fans, today I'd like to show you my new layout and a step-by-step tutorial for simple background, made with modelling paste and black gesso.

First, I apply modelling paste - a thick layer on areas around my photo and delicate accents on the rest of the page. If you don't have a silicone brush, you can use an old plastic card. Then I wait until it dries - you can speed the process up with a heat gun, but be careful, it's easy to overheat it!

Now it's time for colour :) I've used black gesso, but you can use one of the wide range of Ayeeda paints. I took some gesso - a very small amount! - and remove the excess. The brush should be almost dry.

I put the mask in the same position as it was before and apply gesso/paint to make a very delicate smears:

And that's how it looks in the end:

I've created this background for a layout based on a paper from Timeless collection and some recycled stuff:

Materials used:

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