Saturday 4 January 2014

A Flakey Frame and A Tutorial

Hi there and welcome to the 13arts blog!
 It's Mona here today with a wintery inspired photo frame to share featuring a variety of awesome 13arts products
Once I selected the photo featuring Meredith, Connor and myself to feature in the frame the fun began! I applied layers and layers of Ayeeda Medium Acrylic Modeling Paste and Ayeeda Powder 3D Glass Filler to create lots of texture and dimension:
I added color using the following pretty colored mists and ink: Ayeeda Mist Chalk Light Blue,
Ayeeda Mist Pearl Mist Turquoise LightAyeeda Ink Navy Blue:
For sparkly goodness, I sprinkled on some Ayeeda Powder Holographic Glitter then embellished with a variety of flowers including: Roses Medium White and Rubella Light Blue:
In case you were curious about how I created my project, I took some step by step photos along the way.
Step 1: Apply Ayeeda Gesso Acrylic Primer to chipboard pieces. Set aside.
Step 2: Apply Ayeeda Medium Acrylic Modeling Paste along with a stencil of choice:
Step 3: Mix Ayeeda Medium Acrylic Gel Medium and Ayeeda Powder 3D Glass Filler in a container:
Step 4: Randomly apply Ayeeda Medium Acrylic Gel Medium and Ayeeda Powder 3D Glass Filler to frame and chipboard snowflake. Allow to dry.
Step 5: Apply color using Ayeeda Mist Chalk Light BlueAyeeda Mist Pearl Mist Turquoise LightAyeeda Ink Navy Blue and Ayeeda Gesso Acrylic Primer:
Step 6: Apply Ayeeda Powder Holographic Glitter using Ayeeda Medium Acrylic Gel Medium.
Many thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoyed my project and I hope the tutorial helps give a better understanding on how I created the project.

13arts Products Used:
Ayeeda Gesso Acrylic Primer
Ayeeda Medium Acrylic Modeling Paste
Ayeeda Medium Acrylic Gel Medium
Ayeeda Powder 3D Glass Filler
Ayeeda Mist Chalk Light Blue
Ayeeda Mist Pearl Mist Turquoise Light
Ayeeda Ink Navy Blue
Ayeeda Powder Holographic Glitter
Roses Medium White
Rubella Light Blue

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