Wednesday 4 December 2013

Mixed media canvas tutorial by Vicky Varvadouka

Hello 13@rts friends!!!
Today I am sharing with you a mixed media canvas and a step by step tutorial on how to achive this look!
My goal was to be free and see what happens! This is the fun of mixed media right? And "art" is to express your self and feel liberated!

1. Start with background stamps. Randomly all over the canvas.

2. DON'T be afraid! Take your papers and tear them to pieces!!! Really liberating ;)

3. Select a nice stencil and apply Ayeeda modeling paste!

4. Add ribbon, trims, lace, whatever you like.

5. Misting time!!! I wanted some pink so I used an empty bottle and dropped some pink Ayeeda ink inside!!

6. If the colors are very intense, you can tone them down with gesso.

7. To add even more texture, apply some Ayeeda gel medium and spread some glass filler all over.

So, here is the final project...

"I love art"

A few more close ups...

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