Monday 16 December 2013

Little vintage book (and a smaaaaaaall tutorial)

Sometimes I want to make absolutely useless thing that can not give anything other than aesthetic pleasure. Not an album for the sweet memories, not a notebook for recipes or diary, not a postcard with greetings ... But just a bagatelle for the joy. These things from the category that you can put on the very top shelf in the bookcase and forget about it for a year or even two.

A year or two later came to the bookcase and find it by accident. Find, wonder it (because you already do not remember about its existence!). And then examine it for a long time, sitting on a sofa and being wrapped in a warm blanket ... because of snowstorm, because of the moon, because of winter, because you have two hours ago go to bed ... and because of this thing so warm and sincere ...

I want to show you a little book made ​​just for fun. Words written in it, cheer up and make everyone smile even when he is sad or lonely (well, at least me).
I photographed the stages of its creation. I think you might be interested to walk with me for all levels of its appearance!

I want to show you in this project two tricks - 1. the folding paper to create a mini-book and 2. the creating of your own stencil.

Indeed, the entire little book is comprised of a single sheet of paper (pages are made from one side of the sheet, the cover is made of the other one). 

For this project I made ​​such ridiculous stencils:

Well, I started with creating the background:

Then I took these materials (and some stamps!):

... .. and after a while my future pages looked like this:

This method of folding pages is good because then these pages can be deployed in a large rectangle. But this time I decided to glue the pages after inserting between them some sheets of the old books.

I made the cover of two rectangular pieces of cardboard that I wrapped with the remnants of the same sheet of scrap-paper (only the reverse side).

Do you interested to see what's inside?

Well, so be it)))

Beware, then I will show pictures of each pages!

Thank you for your attention ... and I hope that today I was able to show you something interesting and useful!

Is that so?

I used:


  1. This little mini is useful and interesting so thank you so much for taking the time to photograph each step of the album. I am really inspired by you, thank you.

    1. thank you for your kind words)))
      it's really pleasure to me to read such comments!

  2. It is very beautiful and amazing. You did great job! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Fajny kursik i super efekt:) Bardzo mi się podoba;) Pozdrawiam!

  4. Świetny pomysł z tymi szablonami z kleju na gorąco, dziękuję!

    1. I'm glad you liked it)) You must try to make these templates - it's just sea of pleasure and fun!

  5. Wow! What a fantastic and creative mini! I love the texture and your mix of colors! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I'm sitting and working on a new video now - and here are so many good and kind comments come!
      thank you, Mona! )

  6. Great, to Founds this Blog. By the way this 16th is my Birthday... It's so funny.
    Cheers, Heidrun