Wednesday 17 January 2018

Artist Trading Cards "13 textures"

Hi to all friends 13@rts!

Today I prepared for you a collection of artist trading cards "13 textures" which I created with the help of my favorite materials 13@rts and for girls from our design team.

Glitter and flicker on the cards helped me to add SHINY POWDERSMETALLIC! Paints and Acrylic ink SPLASH! with glitter
All backgrounds for cards are created with the help of paints and pastes:)

 Card "Blue Moon"
  Card "Cold Planet"

  Card "Night by the sea"

   Card "Dawn in the forest"

 Card "Morning in the garden"

Card "Planet of roses"

 Card "Pink tree"

 Card "Milky Way"

 Card "The Universe of Butterflies"

 Card "Star dust"

 Card "Palette of the night"

  Card "Reflection of the moon"

 Card "Butterfly flies into the light"
13@rts products used:
Modeling paste 120ml
Clear Gesso - acrylic primer 120ml
Black Gesso - acrylic primer 120ml
Ayeeda Shiny Powder Cyan Green
Ayeeda Shiny Powder Antique Gold
Ayeeda Shiny Mauve Shimmer Powder
Ayeeda Shiny Gold Pearl Powder
Ayeeda Shiny Red Powder Blue
Ayeeda Paint METALLIC! bronze
Ayeeda Paint METALLIC! Old Silver
Acrylic ink SPLASH! Old Gold Glitter
Acrylic ink SPLASH! glitter Woodbine
A4 Labels - HIS & HERS black
Chipboard Butterflies
Mist Chalk - Chalk Fuchsia
Acrylic ink SPLASH! glitter Violet
Ayeeda Paint - Vivid Violet
Pearl Mist - Violet
Mist Pastel - Pastel Blue
Pearl Mist - Navy Blue
Mist Chalk - Chalk Blue Light
Mist Chalk - Chalk Dirty Pink
Water ink - Pink
Mist Chalk - Chalk Fuchsia
Acrylic Paint Olive Green
Acrylic Paint Black Cat
Acrylic paint Deep Sky
Mist pearl - Olive Green


  1. Wow! They are amazing! And each is different then another.

  2. Individually, each card is it’s own gorgeous entity. However added togather as a collage they created this amazing story, if you will, of cohesiveness and such beauty! I’m still looking at each one, taking in all the intricate embellishments and techniques used to create these mini delights, a real feast for the eyes and soul! Gorgeous

    1. thank you! I created this series to exchange with the girls from our design team and that's why I made each card different ... the girls from our team are all very different and interesting :)

  3. Шикарные АТС! Катюш,не перестаю восхищаться твоим талантом!!!

  4. I am so intrigued by all of your cards. You created so much interest, texture and beauty on each little ATC canvas. Really stunning work.

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