Thursday 2 November 2017

Natasha ZevaseNa - our new talented Guest Designer

Witajcie! Czas przedstawić naszą trzecią Gościnną Projektantkę. Poznajcie utalentowaną Natashę ZevaseNa. Na swoją pierwszą inspirację Natasha przygotowała piękny layout z halloweenowym zdjęciem. 

Hello! It's time to introduce our third Guest Designer. Meet talented Natasha ZevaseNa from Russia. Natasha made a beautiful Halloween layout as her first guest project. 

Jeśli chcecie zobaczyć więcej pięknych prac Natashy, odwiedźcie jej kanały społecznościowe:
You can see more beautiful projects by Natasha on her social media channels:

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I live in Russia in Samara. I started scrapbooking in 2012, but the progress started in 2016.
I think I tried all styles but none of them fits me. I have mixed style.

Not so long ago I started paint and draw elements to add to the project) 

In my projects I present myself as ZevaseNa.

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So this is my first project for 13arts!! It's so exciting and at the same time very interesting!!

Release date of my project, coincides with the holiday of Halloween, so without any hesitation I decided to dedicate my first project to this magical and mystical celebration!

Usually this holiday is associated with dark colors and a pumpkin....BUT, It came out bright and fun)

For my project I used paper from the collection "Strength in numbers", with 
Maska-Stencil ART BRUSH and Pasta modelująca created a small blot, Tusz akrylowy SPLASH! Black Glitter I covered the film, letters and a bit of paper
Tusz wodny - Black (Graphite) made a splash

I drew and cut out: hat, spiders and bats myself, a self-made cutting!

I wish you a Happy Halloween!!!!

Products used:

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Dziękujemy za Twoje piękne prace Natasho i nie możemy się doczekać kolejnych :) 
Thank you for your beautiful project Natasha. We can't wait to see more! 


  1. Наташа, страничка очень красивая! Молодец!

  2. Браво-браво-браво!!! Скандируют дружественные дизы;-)))

  3. Наташа, это супер!!!

  4. Wow. This is super creative and boooo layout.very cute

  5. Здорово!!! Отличный проект!!:)

  6. Наташка, горжусь!!!!))))

  7. Потрясающая работа, по-настоящему ручная!

  8. Девочки!! Спасибо, за добрые слова!!

  9. I'm very happy!! Thanks for the post))