Thursday 31 August 2017

Summer Art by Darya Shkuratova

Dzisiaj chcielibyśmy Wam pokazać niesamowity letni projekt od naszej utalentowanej Gościnnej Projektantki- Darii Shkuratovej. Tylko spójrzcie! 

Today we'd like to show you an amazing summer project by our talented Guest Designer - Darya Shkuratova. Just take a look!  

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August is a month of abstraction art in 13 Arts blog. This time I decided to experiment with the form of the project.I used reels of scotch tape to make this strange construction. And twine to make a texture.

My summer passed without a sea and it's my amulet to still see the sea this year. The colors of my project are not traditionally marine, but I hope they convey some special sea spirit.


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Dziękujemy za Twój piękny projekt Daria!
Thank you Darya for your beautiful project!

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