Monday 17 April 2017

Altered item from Christina

Hello 13Arts fans!!! It's Christina here today and I have an altered project that I have made with black gesso, and metallic paints to show you.
I used a wooden packing of christmas decorative items and I wanted to alter it so that was the time.
 First of all , I covered all the surface with black gesso . I was sure to have every centimetre of the item covered and when the gesso dried I used my metallic paints in several colours to make some splashes on the black backround. I like to give some interest on my projects , so I used some 3D balls on my backround and some white sisal.
 I thought it would be better to have a "Spring " theme , so I cut some butterflies from "His and Hers" collection and painted them with metallic paints. I have also painted my chipboard pieces with them. At the end I used some extra texture products such as microspheres and glitter stripes to give some extra effect on my altered item.
                    Even though it's a dark piece , I like that the colours can pop up and it is bright !

                                  Hope yoy ernjoyed it today and be inspired by my creation!
                                                                      Products list:
                                                                       Black Gesso
                                                                Bronze Metallic Paint
                                                                  Green Metallic Paint
                                                               Old Silver Metallic Paint
                                                                 Violet Metallic Paint
                                                                 Pink Metallic Paint
                                                               Yellow Metallic Paint 
                                                                 Glitter White Stripes
                                                                 Silver Microspheres
                                                                         3D Balls
                                                                       White Sisal

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