Sunday 27 December 2015

Leila Cassimira and Tanita Shmigun - our new Guest Designers

Czas poznać dwie kolejne utalentowane dziewczyny, które dołączyły do zespołu Projektantek Gościnnych- Leila Cassimira i Tanita Shmigun! Obejrzyjmy ich piękne prace. 

It's time to meet two more talented Ladies who joined our Guest Designers Team- Leila Cassimira and Tanita Shmigun! Let's see their beautiful projects!


Leila Cassimira

I'm addicted to scrap. I'm 39, married and have two beautiful children who are my greatest source of inspiration, I'm grateful for my family. We love being in touch with nature and we also are passionate about pets: dogs, cats, turtles and many others. I live in Arararuma, a beautiful region in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, where we have beautiful beaches and lagoons to enjoy and relax. I'm scrapper since 2010 and it's a therapy for me, I just need make something with papers and scissors. Love it.

I have another passion besides scrapbooking, which is reading! I just love this literary universe and in my house you find books everywhere. This year I read over 100 books and picked my favorite to make a layout.

I loved working with the materials of 13Arts, are beautiful and very easy to use, just release the creativity and out coloring everything.

Supplies used:


Tanita Shmigun

"Hi there!
My name is Tanita, I'm 20 years old girl (yes, I still believe that I'm a child) from Russia. I fell in love with scrapbooking when I was 15, so I try to express myself, to grow up and to try new techniques for 5 years already.
Sure, as all girls at this blog, I can't imagine my projects without sprays, paints, glitter and other awesome products :)
I can't say, that I got my own unforgettable style now, but all my projects are full of feelings and emotions. I never create something senseless, it's boring :)
I hope I could inspire you to new works, I hope I could inspire you to express yourself as bright as possible!
Have a great mood, smile and enjoy every day!"

For a long time I wanted to create a special project, full of feelings, emotions and mystery atmosphere... And when I watched a film "Endless sunshine of the spotless mind" I understood that was what I needed for my inspiration.

I decided to create a mini-album with shots and my favourite quotes from this movie.

I tryed to make it intimate, full of my thoughts and maybe even dreams, I wanted to see as a result a very light and tender project.

Hope you'll enjoy watching!

Used products:


Cóż za piękny layout i tyle inspirujących stron! Odwiedźcie nas znów, bo już wkrótce pojawi się więcej prac od naszych Gościnnych Projektantów! 

What a beautiful layout and so many inspiring pages! Visit us soon to see more project made by our Guest Designers! 


  1. Ladies, beautiful projects! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I'm in awe of this fabulous project! The inspiration is evident and really makes the emotion come through onto the pages...

  3. I'm in awe of this fabulous project! The inspiration is evident and really makes the emotion come through onto the pages...

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