Wednesday 7 May 2014

"I love collections and their title " by Maria Potapovich (mellpellmell)


Today I (Maria Potapovich) am going to tell you what I love in the new papers collections - titles!

Probably you've noticed that sometimes  I use the collections' titles in my work.
I really like it!
I think it is beautiful and very impressive.
It turns out that there are no scraps of paper, because even the strip of paper that everyone cuts helps me to do my projects more beautiful!

"Perfect" LO

For example, in this LO I used the title in not very prominent place - just beside the photos.

I've used chipbord here, but it was not decorated in any way (I've made only one letter yellow-gold). Its color combines well with the color of craft paper and ink sprays, which are also used.

13 arts' products I've used:
Napisy TimelessPlastry miodu małe

"Today, tomorrow, always" notebook-holder.

Title in this project is the main and the only decoration.

I just added and fastened it with the brads.
But one title was enough to give the value to whole project!

13 arts' products I've used:
Papier "Today, tomorrow, always"Ayeeda Paint - Pearl GoldMgiełka kredowa - Chalk Dark Brown