Thursday 6 November 2014

Gesso tiles by Magda Polakow

Hello everyone!
I haven't got a lot of embellishments at home that's why I don't used them very often but sometimes I want to add something to my project. 
Today I would like to show you how I made little gesso tiles. 

I cut small squares from cardboard

Apply gesso using a palette knife. You will find plenty of knives in 13arts shop - various shapes and sizes. 

Using staple (I straightened it first) draw some letters. 

Spray them by mists.

My notebook cover

I used:
 Fuchsia, Turquoise Light, Yellow Amber
Black Gesso
Ayeeda Matt Paint:
White, Black
SPLASH! Ink Black


  1. genialne!!!
    a efekt oszałamiający!!!

  2. Such a clever tutorial..Looks amazing!

  3. Gorgeous! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  4. Love love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will try it!!!!

  5. Must try this Magda, simply yet very effective. Beautiful journal cover, the colours and textures are fabtastic:-) xxx