Monday 26 February 2018

Fiona's First Face Book Live - Art Journal "Everything With Happiness"

Hello 13 Arts friends. Fiona here with you today to share my very first Face Book Live with you. On Sunday morning at about 10.30am Polish time I clicked the live button and created an art journal page. I had so much fun and the crowd who gathered were fabulous!

You can find the recorded version of the video here on the 13 Arts Face Book page. It goes for an hour so make yourself a hot cuppa and sit back and enjoy.

"Do Everything With Happiness"

HERE is a direct link to the video.

and here is the link of WHERE TO BUY the awesome 13Arts products all around the world.

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Thank you for popping by and a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported me during the live session. I'll definitely be doing it again soon xx

Sunday 25 February 2018

"Addicted to...." Lo by Christina

Hello!!!!!This is Christina here today and I would like to show you my addictions , my life!!!! If you know me at person , you would know that I have some addictions.... These are coffe....(Of course, coffee) , books and sweets....Ok I don't need sweets everyday but I sometimes need them to make my day!!!!

So.... my mixed media LO is about these favourite moments....Relaxing moments....

I used pink and yellow , wich are my favourite , relaxing colours ....On the backround I used the yellow transparent acrylic paint and modeling paste through two stencils.... I have also used the new pink watercolour to make some splashes in pink!

Today I have used some stamps , too. I like the black effect on my backround ....  As you can see, I loved some white splashes , too....

i chose to use a wire , too , to give some extra interest on these great photos.... My chipboards were painted in yellow , pink and white.

Some extra glitter is necessary , too. I have put glitter on the modeling paste . You can see the details on these photos... And last but not least , under my photos there are several wood elements , some little branches painted with white gesso ...

I wanted you to feel my favourite moments through this mixed media page... I hope I managed to show you my feelings about them....

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Thursday 22 February 2018

A gift bag by Irena Vohlídková - Iriska

Czas na trzecie - i niestety ostatnie - spotkanie z naszym Gościem.
Dzisiaj nasza utalentowana Gościnna Projektantka- Irena Vohlídková - Iriska prezentuje swoją śliczną torebkę na prezent! 

It's time for the third and the last meeting with our Guest. 
Today our talented Guest Designer- Irena Vohlídková - Iriska presents her lovely giftbag!

I wanted to give a gift in a special way - I’ve chosen a trip to Italy voucher including Rome visit. It’s been only a few months I visited this capital of Italy and I bought black and white cards that I used for this crafting! Maybe you’ve realized my favorite color - and it shouldn’t be missing in this project. 

I’ve used the brown paper bag and it has been partly covered in white gesso. Also, the gauze was used and I glued it on to the background and I put there gel medium in which I poured powertex balls different sizes. 

I prepared feather chipboard ephemera and I painted them in my favorite colors as red and black. The photo background is made of colorful papers. 

I’ve added enamel dots, threads and everything is glued on by 3D adhesive tape. 

I gave her the gift and I hope that she will be happy not about the gift itself but also about the package. 

>>> <<< 

Więcej pięknych prac Iriski możecie zobaczyć na jej kanałach social media.
See more beautiful projects by Iriska on her social media channels:

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Would you like some coffee? By Sandra

HI gang!
Here's Sandra again...

Today, I show you a layout I made in thinking about cosy day...
Do you like coffee? I do love coffee myself...lattee in let's watch my layout wich I played with the new collection by Olga, Alice in Candyland...

Love earth tones, don't I? ;-)

And for that layout I used:

new watercolor bleu and green

thanks and see you soon

san xx

Saturday 17 February 2018

Heart box


dziś pokażę Wam co zrobiłem ze starego pudełka po filiżance. Ma bardzo charakterystyczny kształt, więc oczywiście dobrałem odpowiednią kolorystykę.


today I show you what I've made with old box by cup. It has a charakteristic shape, then I've chosen the right color.

Zacząłem od pokrycia całego pudełka białym gesso. Następnie ułożyłem na wieczku kompozycję z elementów metalowych oraz odcisków z foremek. Całość pokryłem podwójną warstwą białego gesso.

I started by covering the whole box with white gesso. In next step I created a composition with metal elements and shapes from mold. The whole composition I covered with white gesso twice.

Zdecydowałem się na różowy kolor. Użyłem więc trzech mgiełek w różnych odcieniach tego koloru. Na koniec dodałem też nieco różowego tuszu wodnego.

I decided on a pink color. I used then mists in three different shades of this color. I added a little bit pink water ink too.

Dla kontrastu dodałem czarny napis oraz kilka chlapnięć czarnym splashem.

I added for contrast a black word and few splashes of black splash ink.

Użyłem: / I used:




Thursday 15 February 2018

Transparent Tags & Video Tutorial

hej hej :)
Dziś mam dla Was 2 tagi z użyciem foli, które niedawno pojawiły się w 13arts.
Do wyboru jest kilka wzorów i wszystkie bardzo fajne!

 Today I'd love to share with you 2 tags made with printed foil which is quite new 13arts product.
There come in few designs and all are very pretty!

 Mam kilka pomysłów na ich użycie i na pewno się z Wami nimi podzielę w przyszłości :)

I have few ideas for using these and I'll share them with you in the future :)

Zapraszam też do obejrzenia filmiku:

I also have a video tutorial for you:

Dziękuję! Thank you <3

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