Wednesday 19 November 2014

Experimental drawing by Magda Polakow

Hello everyone!
You can always tell a cobbler by his shoes...
Most of my notebooks and art journals have black covers without anything on it!
It is horrible, I know, I should find more time for an artwork for me and only for me. 
Here is the first step...

I used Ayeeda Matte paints to decorate the sketchbook.
As you can see Ayeeda's paints are perfect for dark backgrounds. 

To add texture to my drawing I used Ayeeda Pearl Silver paint. The paint is perfect for it. Because of the liquid and smooth consistency can be easily applied by brush. 

I also applied Liquid Acrylic Medium in some places. 

I used
Ayeeda Matte paints:
Ayeeda Paint Pearl Silver
Liquid Acrylic Medium

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