Wednesday 9 July 2014

Playing with acrylic liquid medium by Magda

Some of you will ask what Acrylic Liquid Medium is and what can you do with it. Of course all acrylic mediums are produced to be mixed with acrylic paints - this is a main role but...We are not painters and want something more! First things first, a few words about Acrylic Liquid Medium.

Acrylic Liquid Medium as the name indicates, is liquid. It dries clear. Mixing Acrylic Liquid Medium with acrylic paints or water based paints (Ayeeda Paints) will extend colour and decrease gloss. The paint mixed with this medium is more fluid and transparent. Because liquids dry slowly (you will see that small drop needs a few hours to dry) it allows to extend periods of working time.

Yesterday I was in the mood for experimenting and mixed Acrylic Liquid Medium with mists, inks and a few more things. I'm sure you all know what rhinestone, dewdrop etc. are. Very often we use them for making cards, mixed media and other crafts. I wanted to make my own. Of course I can't make exactly the same thing but something what I can use as a small spot, why not.

For start something simple. I put some drops of liquid medium to my craft mat (you will need non stick sheet or acrylic block should do) and then added  Powder 3D (Glass Filler).

The same thing here but with Ayeeda mist. How much colourant you will need depends what medium you will use. But if you use Ayeeda mist (Pearl or Chalk) which is liquid you really need one small drop. 

Here is something interesting! On the right you can see a simple mix - liquid medium + Ayeeda Mist Chalk Celadon - boring stuff nothing special but...on the left I used the same mist but I only added a foam from the mist. Because foam has some air bubbles and less colourant it gives great effect. In the middle you can still see bubbles and around the edges clear liquid medium.

When I was done with mists I tried Ayeeda ink which gives almost the same effect as mists (on the left) and Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze (on the right). Because Glimmer Glaze has different consistency it spread differently in the liquid medium. You can see a brighter spot in the middle. 

Here Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze's foam.

This is a funny effect. I added Ranger Liquid Pearls in the middle of Acrylic Liquid Medium drop.

Back to mists but my favourite ones - Ayeeda Pastel Mists! I'm sure I will tell you someday why I love them but for sure this is one of the reasons. The mist does not spread as much as Pearl or Chalk mist. It gives a lovely ring and leave a lot of clear liquid medium around. Need to ask Aida about differences in ingredients between the mists - why Pastel Mists are more dense - it's not visible for the naked eye.

Next on my table was Ayeeda Paint - Silver Pearl. I choose this paint because it's more fluid then other paints and easily I can put a small amount of it inside the liquid medium drop without mixing it. I'm really happy about the effect, have never thought that the paint inside the liquid drop will look like a thin skin/paper/whatever.

Here is a bigger piece of almost dry Acrylic Liquid Medium with mists. It is so soft that it gives an opportunity to squash it and form it. It's great for adding more texture to the project.

Or you can cut shapes from it.

There is so many things which you can make with Acrylic Liquid Medium. I know that for some people (also for me when I first saw it ;)) it  looks really useless but I hope after today's post you can see that it's not true.

I used: 


  1. great! I guess I will use your experminets in my projects, soon :-)

  2. thank you so much for the tutorial Madga!! Truly inspirational :)

  3. That is really cool. I had no idea!

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