Saturday 23 February 2013

Guest Designer - Lindy Gillespie Australia

Witacje, w sobotni wieczór zapraszam na kolejne spotkanie z naszym gościem:) Na pewno warto bliżej poznać tę wspaniałą osobę i niezwykle zdolną artystkę i zobaczyć co stworzyła z papierów 13 arts "Frosted Life":)

Hello, this Saturday evening is the perfect time to meet our next guest:) I am sure it will be a great pleasure to all of you to meet a little closer this wonderful person and great artist and look at her gorgeous projects with 13 arts "Frosted Life" papers .

Let's meet

Hi, my name is Lindy Gillespie. I live in sunny Brisbane with my husband Tony and we have 2 grown up children Craig and Kate.
I’ve tried many crafts and came across scrapbooking in 2004 which is very addictive. I also have a love of photography, I always carry my camera at all times for that certain shot and I am partial to taking landscapes.

At the moment I would call my style layered shabby chic with a little mix media  I use lots of misting masking, paint, distressing and lots of flowers I also love using my sewing machine.

I get inspiration from my photo which is the main focus of my layouts and that is my starting point, creating and leaving many memories for the future generations.

I’m very honored to be asked to be a guest designer by Aida for 13 arts, it’s been a pleasure designing with 13 arts. 

Lindy's blog:

Linda zasypała nas po prostu CUDOWNYMI projektami, ja jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem.
Linda just made me speechless with STUNNING projects, she made 2 layouts and 3 cards!

Lindy I am a huge fan of your artwork, thank you so much for creating all these awesome projects for us.
Dziękuję Lindy! :*