Saturday 14 February 2015

Guest Designing at Sketchabilities
DT reveal and Jacqueline's tutorial

13 arts is a Premium Sponsor this year at Sketchabilities. Today is our first reveal of Sketchabilities #133 challenge. Our amazing designers have done beautiful inspirations with their sketch.
Please have a look at what our artists created (more details of each project you will find soon in our blog in seperate posts). Today Jaqueline will show us details of her work, and give us some tips and tricks of how she made her page. 
Please join us in the Sketchabilities challenge.

13 arts sponsoruje w tym roku blog wyzwaniowy Sketchabilities. Dziś przedstawiamy pierwszą mapkę oraz prace naszego zespołu do niej, Jaqueline przygotowała dla was kurs już dziś, a pozostałe projektantki już wkrótce pokażą szczegóły swoich prac w osobnych postach. Zapraszamy do udziału w wyzwaniu.

The sketch / Mapka

Our artworks:

Jacqueline Moore:


Here is a quick background tutorial I have put together for you:

Step 1: Scrape some gesso on your background in a rough triangle shape then dry. Then take your 13 Arts Color Basics Triangle Mask and using a lead pencil trace triangles on your background.

Step 2: When your happy with the position of all your drawn triangles, again take your stencil and place it on your background. use a palette knife to spread modelling paste through the mask. I have actually tried to spread it in a way so that I have not completely filled any triangle with the paste, instead creating, raised, partially finished triangles.

Step 3 and 4: Stamp the paste while it is still wet. I have used an ordinary Lego block, and also a Lego Duplo block which is larger. You can use pretty much anything for this step, however if you choose to use a normal stamp I would advise spritzing it with water first. After that let your modelling paste air-dry.

Step 5: Now that it is dry you can begin adding color, I have used 13 Arts Mists in Chalk Celedon, Chalk Sap Green, Pastel Green, and Pastel Yellow. I have sprayed some of each color onto my craft mat, then using a paint brush applied the colors directly to my background, switching colors often, and blending with each other.

Step 6: When I had finished the background it seemed like it was missing something so I have added some 13 Arts Water-Based Ink in Orange, again painting it on the background with a very wet brush. Add some splatters of color around the page.

Step 7: When all the color is dry use a black pen and doodle around some of the modelling paste triangles. I have done this in a very random manner.

Step 8 and 9: To finish off I have added a little black stamping with a triangle stamp, and some splatters of 13 Arts Water-Based Ink in Black (Graphite). 

Step 10: Now that your background is finished you can begin to build your paper layers, add your photos and other elements.

And there you have your finished page!!! I hope you liked the tutorial!!!

13@rts products used:
Color Basics - Papers
Color Basics - Stencil (Triangles)
Ayeeda Mist - Chalk Celedon
Ayeeda Mist - Chalk Sap Green
Ayeeda Mist - Pastel Yellow
Ayeeda Mist - Pastel Green
Ayeeda Water-based Ink - Orange 
Ayeeda Water-based Ink - Black (Graphite)
Ayeeda paint - White and Silver Glitter
Chipboard - Spruce Branch
Chipboard - Fly Away - Words


Melenia Agapides

13@rts products used:
Timeless - Good times
Acrylic Ink Splash -White
Ayeeda Inks - Violet
Ayeeda Mists - Pearl Violet
Ayeeda Mists - Pearl Gold
Ayeeda Mists - Pastel Lavender
Ayeeda Flowers - Paper Flowers White

Irina Honcharyk

13@rts products used:
Papier "Grey Indigo/Blue Light"
ADD-ON Paper Color Basic Faded Blue
Mgiełka perłowa - Sky Blue
Mgiełka perłowa - Olive Green


Anna Rogalska

 13@rts products used:

Natalya Loi

13@rts products used:

Ingrid Gooyer

13@rts products used:


13@rts products used: 
Perełki, Tusze SPLASH!
(video tutorial coming soon)


13@rts products used:


Olga Heldwein

13@rts products used:
Ayeeda Paint - VIVID Blue
Ayeeda Paint - VIVID Violet
Mgiełka kredowa - Chalk Indigo
Pasta modelująca 120ml
Zestaw ozdób z masy polimerowej "For wedding2"
ADD-ON Paper Color Basic Faded Blue
Paper pad "Color Basic" by Olga Heldwein
Papier "Grey Indigo/Blue Light"
Tusz akrylowy SPLASH! White


  1. Preciosos proyectos!!! y me alegro mucho de la unión con sketchabilities!!!. Un beso para todas...

  2. Every single one of these pages are so beautiful !

  3. tutti bellissimi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!