Friday, 28 February 2014

Love you always by Nadia Cannizzo

Hello everyone! 
It's Nadia here with you today. I want to share with you a new layout I created using lots of 13arts mediums and the Timeless collection.

"Love you always"

This layout is about my little 8 month old baby Sofia and the fact she has really puffy cheeks and eyes when she wakes up.. much like her mummy! LOL!

I captured this photo on my iPhone and really wanted to use it on a layout of hers :) 

Now let me walk you through some steps of how I created this layout and the background. 
Firstly I should say I have mos definitely been inspired by a scrapbooker called Shirel, who runs and teaches Pop & Colours online workshops. I really wanted to try her techniques of using stamps and circles like that in the background after watching her tutorials. She is really inspiring!

I started by overlapping 2 papers on top of each other, and then applying 13arts Gesso down the middle and across the middle as well. 

I then used a number of paints, mists and inks from 13arts (see product list below) to add colour to the background. Because I had applied Gesso first, the background paper was non porous which means the colours stayed really vibrant and did not soak into the paper. 

I then used a Prima circle stamp and painted the centre with Faber Castell Gelatos and 13arts Yellow Matt paint. 

I also stamped some writing on the background and flicked some 13arts Black Ink. 

I then used 13arts mists in a dauber and created a splash effect. I applied some stickers from the Timeless collection too. 

I painted a Timeless collection frame yellow with 13arts paint and then stamped on it again. 

In some of the circles I applied some 13arts Modeling Paste and once that was dry I coloured them with Gelatos and Paint. 

I hope this has inspired you in some way. 

Materials List
Paper collection: Timeless -  "Today, Tomorrow, Always" , "All The Time", A4 sticker sheet
Chipboard Frame: Timeless collection
Paint: 13arts Matte Yellow, 13arts Matte Lemon , 13arts Matte Yellow
Ink: 13arts - black, 13arts Yellow 
Mists: 13arts Yellow Lemon , 13arts Orange
13arts Gesso, 13arts Modeling Paste, 13arts Gel medium
Flower Stem: 13arts Gold

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  1. stunning LO, very inspiring
    ps. and your daughter is sooo cute ;-)

  2. love vibrant colour- lemon and orange make me think of spring and summer...... :-)

  3. Inspiring layout, love the colours and circles

  4. look at that face - gorgeous baby and layout!


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