Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Create without limits - mini album by Szandra

I brought you a tiny album today, which is the apple of my eye - from the "Blue Magnolia" set.
It happens quite often that we're lacking inspiration or our well of ideas is getting dry.  It happened to me as well. A big pile of photos are waiting to be worked with , while my time is becoming more and more limited because of my four children. Sometimes I feel I get lost in everyday life....
After the first round of panic, I start creating. This time, for myself and for those who would do with a bit of encouraging and impulse on those days when inspiration isn't finding its way to us and everything seems to be even more challenging.

Soon I got carried away by the freedom of creation. Many tools found their way from the self into my hands: new stamps, stencils, beloved mists and beautiful papers.

Here is the end result:

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