Thursday 28 January 2016

Terhi Koskinen | Key

Hi there 13arts Fans!

It's Terhi here showing you my latest canvas project, with a lot of textures and my favorite color scheme: white together with blue and turquoise.

Still I see myself more as a scrapbooker than mixed media artist, but when a lady who had attended to one of my layout workshops asked me to teach a canvas workshop - I couldn't say no!
So this is my sample work from the workshop I taught.

In the workshop I had five amazing women as students, and they all were new to mixed media. Oh boy it was fun, I got opportunity to tell and inspire them from the start! This canvas was a perfect project for them as there are lots of basic techniques and products - all products from 13arts of course - like gesso, stenciling with modelling paste, making a collage, coloring with mists and so on.

After three hours of hard and fun work, they all had made their first-ever canvases! I was so proud of them!
The biggest thing was still seeing their excitement and pure joy - they all promised to be back and I think a saw a sparkle of mixed media star in each ladies eyes.

If you want to learn my favorite techniques on a canvas, take a little hint here:

Thank you for stopping by!

Terhi xx

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