Friday 23 June 2017

Planning with Terhi Koskinen

Hey all!

Terhi here today, with a project you have never seen here on 13arts blog before. I made a planner spread! With lots of 13arts products.

First I cut a lot of little paper pieces, one for each day, and then stamped the numbers on top. As planner would be really hard to use with too layered outcome, I decided to give details with paints.

All the number are painted with blue and green metallic paints, and white details are made with white splash! ink. It was big job to do, but definitely worth it.

To create some more fun to the spread, I added a butterfly sticker on a vellum and cut it out, then glued it on top of a tiny knot of thread to decorate the spread.

Another embellishments for the spread is the paperclip. It is a normal paperclip you can see in every office, but by using multipurpose medium and some glitter I made it look like more! The glass cabochons are perfect for this use, and the multipurpose medium dries all clear so it is totally invisible between the glasses.

What do you think, would you take a try to the world of planners, with a small twist of mixed media?

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